Saturday, 19 March 2011

The travel box saga .....

Several months ago I purchased a lovely pastel travel box from Dakota Pastels.

  I was so excited when it arrived & I could hardly wait to fill it up. I was very busy at that point so wasn't able to begin arranging my pastels in it for several weeks. When I finally did begin the process I realised what a mammoth task it was.  I didn't want to use full sticks just pieces about 1 cm long because that is about the size I like to work with. I also wanted to keep a record of what pastels I had put in for ease of replacement.  I put in the blues I thought I would need when I realised that what I thought was just a medium sized box was going to take a whole lot more pastel pieces than I anticipated. Oh no & the job was quite onerous....not to mention boring & I am easily distracted.... I started on the greens then put the job in the too hard basket for several months but have just resumed the task of filling this cavernous box & recording what went where. By my rough calculations I am looking at about 430 pastel colours to fill this thing. I must admit it is nice seeing all the colours side by side rather than spread out in different sets. It makes it much easier to select colours & I'm discovering colours I don't use because have forgotten I own them. Well 5 or 6months later I am almost finished the greens (but still haven't finished the blues).....

The story so far

At some point this year I may finally finish filling this box.....  or I could just take it out & use it half empty....but what a waste !

 I was going to set to work this morning & fill some more but instead I weeded the vegetable garden ! Secretly all I want to do is paint....

Freshly weeded vegetable garden which, unlike my travel box looks loved !

Once I've filled the travel box  I need to re think how I arrange my working sets in the studio...oh joy...not!

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  1. Ooh, I can so relate to your feelings about filling your new pastel box, Amanda!

    Will the *really* big challenge be keeping it in order once the task is done, I wonder.