Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Oh my gosh  here it is May...... where did the time go? Didn't think it was quite so long since my last post but have had school holidays & a multitude of horse events to attend with daughter..... Very little time spent in the studio...sigh.

Have managed to do a little work. Here, a small commission & it's tonal study. It is a subject I have painted before but from a slightly different aspect, time of day & season. I think it worthy of a larger work than this tiny piece.

Tonal study

Rolfe Road Study

 I have favourite places & areas  I love to revisit from time to time. The light can be different or it can be painted from a different aspect or in a different format. I enjoy the challenge of revisiting a subject & exploring it further or in a different manner  (but I get very bored with making clones, I won't do that). Sometimes I will zero in on an area of a larger subject to explore it  further, often in a different format.

Larger earlier work "Rolfe Road"

Further down the road.... "Yellow Box Trees, Rolfe Road "

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