Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Exploring a theme....

 In the previous post I spoke about exploring a favourite subject or trying different formats. Here are 4 works all derived from the same reference photo. A very typical summer scene in the area where I live. I felt the need to explore it further as I love the combination of elements & the feeling it gives me 

This vertical panel 34cm x 72cm was the first in the series & I wanted to explore the range of clouds & I wanted to attempt to show the tree on the left being buffeted by the wind (See close up below)

Close up of above

This piece 23cm x 30 cm I think may well have been started before the previous picture .... It started out as a demonstration piece showing a rough, quick & fairly minimal under painting in gouache. It then sat for quite a long time gathering dust until I decided to finish it off.

This large piece 67.5cm x 47.5cm is a tighter crop than the above piece & more highly refined

This smaller piece 18.5cm x 18.5cm explores the scene in a tight square format.

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